Relationship Coaching

Every relationship has its moments of elation and its moments of frustration. The tides come in and the tides go out.


Too often one or the other partner, or sometimes both, can get stuck in a rut and neither one can find a way out.


The sad part is that both of them know that they love each other, yet the feeling of "In Love" seems to be fading or has completely disappeared.


Knowing that this is just part of the natural cycle of relationship can be somewhat comforting, yet how does one process the unwanted feelings of separation so that the sense of "In Love" can return?


Is it possible to really rekindle love and respect for one another?


Welcome to Dr. Marshalla's Relationship Coaching


Relationship coaching entails getting to the root of one's feelings. For it is from the root of one's feelings that one creates their expectations and agreements about the roles and rules of relationship.


Often the issues at hand are based on unconscious activities and projections that when uncovered, release the tensions and stresses that are fueling the sense of separation and isolation.


The key element in Dr. Marshalla's Relationship Coaching is to focus on the underlying feelings that have arisen within the current circumstances of your relationship.


Generally, when two people are at odds, their focus is on the circumstances they're in — particularly, the actions or non-actions of the other individual. However, this is not where the actual issues usually exist.


Most often, the actual issues are found through sincerely exploring the underlying feelings experienced within the circumstances. And, with Dr. Marshalla's guidance, as you explore your feelings, the true blessings and opportunities for transformation can be found.


Where most people get lost is in focusing on the circumstances and not on the underlying feelings. For rarely are any of the present feelings actually new. In fact, most likely they have been felt over and over throughout one's life. The circumstances and the players are always different, yet the underlying feelings each time are the same.


And when we focus on the circumstances and not on the dynamics of the underlying feelings, we wind up creating new circumstances in the relationship that once again give rise to the underlying feelings that eventually will have to be explored and transformed if one wants to have a peaceful and loving relationship.


Dr. Marshalla has the gift of guiding two willing individuals through the matrix of their feelings and their personality structures, whereby the underlying feelings and issues are discerned and transformed, released and resolved. This reestablishes the equanimity between the partners, and reestablishes the foundations of their relationship. This is the beauty of Dr. Marshalla's work.


Dr. Marshalla is direct and to the point. His goal is to empower you to take control of your life and live in peace and harmony with your partner. With over twenty certifications and modalities available, his approach is flexible and personalized.


If you're ready to really move forward in your life and your relationship... then Dr. Joe Marshalla is ready to help.


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