Dr. Joe's Classes
"Three powerful courses to change your life."

Each of these courses provide the tools for a complete "Do Over" in life.

A 2-Day transformation of your life Explore every aspect as to how you interact and interface with this world and then what you can do about it.

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It's not to late to change their world
A 1-Day class in the latest techniques and perspectives to provide the optimum environment for your child's development.

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Elevating Relationships into Unions
A 1-Day class designed to bring awareness to the different roles in these two distinct approaches to partnering.

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Repeatlessness is the cornerstone to the labyrinth of Dr. Joe Marshalla's work. It contains the fundamental principles and framework for all of his classes. It is required reading for the Empowerment Class.


This internationally bestselling book discusses what the mind is, how it works, how it works against us, what emotions and feelings are, how beliefs are created, why we make the choices we make, how to expand our self-understanding and our happiness, and where our spirituality fits inside all of this.


All of Dr. Marshalla's classes are experiential in nature. Therefore, one can only glean the full meaning and depth of his work through direct participation in his classes.


The Empowerment Class is the only class that fully integrates the entire spectrum of Dr. Marshalla's knowledge, skills and gifts.


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“I've been in counseling for years and now, after working with Dr. Joe, I finally have the tools and techniques that really work.”
Susan, Seattle, WA


“Joe is brilliant, truly a genius walking among us today. 
Dr. John Demartini


“Dr. Joe is truly a Master Assimilator. His ability to synthesize so many modalities into a clear, concise, useful, practical set of tools is uncanny. In my 40 years as a psychiatrist, I have never seen anything like it. Joe is genuinely a rare and special gift!” 
Harold Bloomfield M.D.


"Dr. Joe, you truly saved our marriage and our lives. You gently yet firmly helped us to see things that we were completely unaware of and gave us the perfect tools to turn things around. We thank you from the depths of our hearts!"
Peter & Cindy C, New York, NY


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"The time is now. There's no coincidence you're here."