Health and Diet Coaching


Health and Diet are becoming more important to everyone these days.


Everything we eat has a profound impact on how we feel, and then subsequently, how we think.


The bio-chemistry of the body is intimately connected with the bio-chemistry of the brain. These two systems are constantly affecting one another and cannot be separated. Just like one cannot separate the two sides of a coin, one cannot separate these two systems. In truth, they are actually one and the same.


Every human being on this planet now faces new challenges as a result of environmental toxicity. This environmental toxic soup is everywhere. It's in the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. Unfortunately, one cannot escape this reality.


The problem arises when our bodies cannot eliminate toxins faster than we accumulate them. When this occurs, we develop a toxic-body burden which ultimately leads to a whole slew of problems and diseases.


With this understanding, Dr. Marshalla can lead you through a whole host of health and diet options. From detoxification protocols, to whole-food choices and vegetarian diet, to transitioning through different types of diseases to wellness, Dr. Marshalla is an encyclopedia of health and healing knowledge.


As a result of his passion for this subject, Dr. Marshalla created and was the Director of the Optimum Health Group. The Optimum Health Group was a consortium of more than 100 medical doctors and health professionals who came together to create and provide education and information in regards to the latest research concerning detoxification and health practices.


Whatever your concern, Dr. Joe can, at the very least, head you in the right direction.


Please contact Dr. Marshalla with your needs and concerns.


We wish you health and wellness.