Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation contains several components:

  1.)  Signing up for a consultation.
  2.)  Filling out a quick questionnaire.
  3.)  Scheduling an appointment.
  4.)  Pre-paying for your session.


Once you sign up for a consultation you will be sent an email with a questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to give Dr. Marshalla a quick overview of who you are and what you want to accomplish. Ultimately, its completion allows for more time to be focused on the solutions for your life.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Therefore, your questionnaire is sent directly to Dr. Marshalla's secure email box which is only accessible by him.


Once your questionnaire is received, you will be called to schedule an appointment. Once the appointment is set you will be sent an email for payment. Once payment has been received, you will be sent a payment confirmation email which will include your scheduled appointment time.


On the day of your session, Dr. Marshalla will call you at the scheduled time. The first session generally takes 2-3 hours. So, please schedule your day to allow for that much time.


The purpose of the first session is to establish your goals, and then establish actionable directives to achieve those goals. You should anticipate immediate, specific and measurable results from your session. And from that day forward, significant life changes will begin to occur.


After the Initial Consultation is complete, you have two choices on how to proceed:

    1. You may schedule future appointments by the hour as you require.
    2. You may purchase bulk-time whereby you pay for three hours of session-time in advance.

The advantage of purchasing bulk-time is that you may call Dr. Marshalla intermittently, as you need him, without an appointment. Your time is kept track of as you use it, and when your three hours are up, you may purchase more session-time.
This service is akin to Coaching Services and allows you to have support as you need it instead of only once or twice a week through scheduled appointments.


Thank you for your interest. Dr. Joe looks forward to serving your needs.

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