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Life Purpose Coaching


Do you know your life's purpose?

If your answer is no, don't feel bad. A recent survey stated that more than 92% of all Americans have no concrete idea as to the purpose of their life.


Could this be the reason we see so much unhappiness? Could this be a reason we see one hundred million Americans on anti-depressants? Could this be one of the reasons for the material-possessions-identity-crisis emerging as our economy is struggling and failing?


What does it all mean? How does one navigate all this? Where does one begin? Does it really matter?


These are but a small sample of some of the current issues and questions that Dr. Marshalla's Life Purpose Coaching addresses.


If you have a sincere desire to truly know why you are here on the planet, what your purpose is on Earth, and what unique gifts you have to offer to all of us, then Dr. Marshalla's Life Purpose Coaching is for you.


"Life is not about being happy all the time. That reality is for dreamers and is unrealistic. Many people will sell you on that idea or product, but I guarantee you will come down from that high and then you're back where you started.


Life is about knowing who you are and what purpose you serve. It's about finding and trusting your inner guidance. It's about learning to come to peace with all that has happened in your life. When you move through life from the center of this awareness, you can take on any challenge, fully expressed and fully invested with gusto and passion.


That is what my Life Purpose Coaching is all about — giving you the tools to begin living your life to the fullest extent — while knowing exactly what gifts you have to offer... and shamelessly, selflessly, giving your uninhibited self to the world."

Dr. Joe Marshalla

The process of discovering your Life's Purpose is one of deep personal inquiry and reflection. More often than not, it is a process of unlearning "who you have been busy being", and a profound journey of re-learning and reconnecting with your deepest, spiritual and true authentic self.


The time it takes for this process to occur is in direct proportion to one's personal desire for change, and to one's ability and desire to allow the emergence of one's true authentic self.


Dr. Marshalla has the uncanny ability to see into the circumstances of your life, and then guide you through the process of reverse-engineering all the programs and beliefs that limit your experience and expression. He then shows you how to open to your truth and live as your true authentic self. This is the gift that Dr. Joe Marshalla has to offer.


Free yourself and begin living your Life's Purpose today. We all need what you have to offer.


Contact Dr. Marshalla about Life Purpose Coaching today.

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